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Winter Meditations in the Canadian Rockies

March 26, 2017

Each of my experiences in these fantastical peaks and valleys brings new stories and images to share. A photo can only say so much, and a video shows only parts; but with this film, I attempt to tell a narrative, a brief glimpse into this world of towering mountains, frozen falls, icebound lakes, and flowing aurora.

To create this film I spent two weeks traveling and camping around Banff, Yoho, and the Kootenay Plains. While I dealt with days of endless snow, nights below 0˚F, thundering winds, and little sleep, that adversity isn't what made this project. Many times I found myself in absolute bliss, the tranquility of winter scenes apparent no matter the conditions. I wanted to share this feeling, and bring back its memories to me, that was my inspiration. The timing, the music, and the selections are meant to reflect that experience, and hopefully, convey it to you.

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