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Canon EOS R Review - Is it a Fail or is it Revolutionary ?

September 7, 2018

So I didn't get my hands on the camera just yet so this more of an initial thoughts video about the Canon EOS R. It's Canon's first full frame mirror-less camera , which is exciting since canon has finally entered the full mirror-less market but lackluster in terms of specs. Sure the 10bit c-log looks incredible but that only with external recorders which makes a great cinema camera. But I feel like this camera for people are making the jump from canon aps-c line up to the full market. So it's not caning the game just yet but soon I believe there going to be implementing better and crazier full mirrorless camera than just the Canon EOS-R. Also the new RF mounted lens look nice and I really like there new customize-able ring on the front of the lens. Well your going to have to watch the rest of video know my full thoughts.

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