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Ninedivide - Angels No More (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The official music video for Ninedivide's single, "Angles No More," directed by Maxwell Mawji.

"Four Okotokians with a passion for music are tapping into the ’90s alt-rock movement as they move forward in their own musical explorations.

Yet rather than having visions of fame and fortune, the talented artists that make up Ninedivide are focused solely on sharing their craft with those eager to listen.

“It’s not about getting rich, it’s about having some fun and seeing where it goes,” said vocalist Mike Bronsch. “There is no expectation that we have necessarily. We just want to share.”

The Okotoks alternative rock band hit stages with a combination of cover and original tunes just months after forming in early 2015.

The foursome is made up of Bronsch, bass player Corey Mifflin, rhythm guitarist Taylor McPhail and drummer Luke Thompson.

The group cites the Foo Fighters and Monster Truck among their inspirations for their alt-rock sound.

“We haven’t experienced enough of the scene to see if it’s hard to be alternative,” said Bronsch of breaking into the music scene. “I don’t think it is. For the age demographic we’re after our fans are in their 30s and 40s and even pushing into their 50s. With the ’90s being so big it opened that gate that it’s an achievable sound and people listen to it because it’s been around for so long.”"

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