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Impermanence - An Inner Journey | 4K Time Lapse

May 23, 2019

Making this film led me to travel to many holy places in Asia. But it is not this trip that I wanted to tell here, but an inner journey through the progressive understanding of impermanence. This leads us to realize that everything is linked, that we are all connected. This understanding can come with meditation, but also through the contemplation of nature. How can we not feel united to the whole universe when one immerses oneself in a starry sky?
As this knowledge takes root in us, we act with greater kindness for ourselves, others, and the planet.

The time lapse makes it possible to contract the time, it is the ideal technique to turn into pictures the impermanence.

This film was shot in Thailand, China, Burma, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India (Ladakh) and Cambodia.

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