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Bar Harbor, Maine from Cadillac Mountain -- Sunset to Stars

October 19, 2014

This is Bar Harbor, Maine, from near the top of Cadillac Mtn. in Acadia National Park. It was taken September 24, 2014, from 07:02 PM to 8:39 PM. Nautical twilight was 6:56 – 07:30PM and astronomical twilight was 7:30 – 8:04 PM. I was testing the Ramper Pro with the light sensor and histogram monitoring features half an hour after sunset into Milky Way exposures, but with ambient light from a city in the distance. The photogenic galactic core of the Milky Way would have been the opposite direction from this vantage point. There was a little bit of aurora activity to the north.

I used an eMotimo TB3 Black on a Dynamic Perception Stage One slider for motion, powered by a Goal Zero Sherpa 100 battery. I didn’t use any interval fairing for this clip so the stars appear to move faster as the shutter speed increases, but I did ramp the motion speed on the slider with the eMotimo.

Camera settings: Nikon D700 & 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 24mm, f/2.8, ISO 200, and 2.2 seconds ramped to ISO 3200 and 30 seconds (+1 EV to -7 EV).

Edited with LRTimelapse and Lightroom, rendered with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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