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After many years my photography keeps getting a bit stagnant, the shots are the same the post processing the same etc, I decided to give video a go.
What was great about this was learning new things again to get my brain moving and my creative side peaking .It was like starting from scratch again, lighting, post processing plus audio and equipment.
I made this short 3 minute video which started as a small idea and was expanded by making a storyboard.
Cards on the table, I also made this video as I came across the My Rode reel 2020 competition which is also why it is 3 minutes long, one of the requirements of the competition.
This is my first ever video film so I don't expect it to win any prizes but I really enjoyed making it, like I said it got my creative juices flowing again after many photography slumps, I feel video has saved my hobby by adding an extra interest,by crossing back and forth between the two I can keep my photography alive whilst learning new things.

My Fstoppers BIO has links to my YouTube channel which also has a behind the scenes video as well.
Feel free to check it all out and let me know what you think.

Also here is the link to my video on the competition page, if you want stop by and show my video some love, mucho gracius :-)

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