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Types Of Male Models

September 30, 2020

Modeling career has always been considered as women oriented field till lately, but with the changing perceptions of the industry, dirty and stern looks are making their way into the industry via male models entering into the field of modeling. While the women have usually symbolized glamour and beauty to the modeling and advertising world, but the entrance of male models has opened the horizons for looks which are complemented by the muscular physique.

Many male models have created the pathway to be followed by generations. Many industries have demand for male models such as commercial, manufacturers, airlines, automobile industries, a fitness company, and hospitality.

Listed are the 11 types of male models based upon the products they model for and their body types.

1- Commercial Model
2- Fashion / Editorial Model
3- Runway / Catwalk Model
4- Swimsuit Model
5- Fitness Model
6- Fit Model
7- Part Model
8- Plus Size Model
9- Mature Model
10- Child Model
11- Promotional Model

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