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I try the Fuji x100 in 2021| Content creator vs photographer

July 14, 2021

I recently bought a Fuji x100 because I wanted to fall in love again with the idea of photography, especially street photography.
I say again because I`ve been a long time user of the Sony full frame system having had the Sony a7r, the ar72 and now the a7r3 and for a couple years filming with the Sony a7s II all of them with different Sony, Sigma or Tamron lenses.
This is not a video about Fuji or about Sony but about my journey from a full frams system that now I mostly use in the studio to a lower end camera that is more… fun.
I am by no means a street photographer, even though my work revolves around video editing and content creation for brands the idea of street photography always appealed to me but always hated carying around heavy equipment i usually use for filming.

Main camera: Sony a7r III
Favorite lenses: Tamron 17 - 27mm f/2.8, Sony 90mm f/2.8

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