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Alexx Henry Revisted

After posting yesterday's video on Alexx shooting triathlete Chris Lieto for the cover of Outside Magazine I was sent this awesome video of Alexx working on a new article for the Apple ipad. Hopefully after watching these two videos it should be clear where advertising is headed in the next 10 years with products like the ipad and creative minds like Alexx Henry.

Check out more work by Alexx Henry at

VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

And the final product:

VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread - iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

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Alessandro Bellino's picture

What a Great Creation. A difficult theme and a modern gothic realization. "Sin City"'s Atmosphere.
Great, Compliments.
I was puzzled by utility of iPad, but, if creations like Alexx's come around, this product (and all products like this) can really change the way that we conceive publishing.
I really love paper, but i have to admit that this technology (Video, Music, Contents...) all together, without a "real" computer, can really works.


Scott Oakley's picture

It's certainly entertaining but things moving in my peripheral while I'm trying to read content is really distracting. Remember: this is a magazine I'm trying to read. If you distract me from doing that it's going to tick me off.

Looks like the "skip intro" button is about to make a come-back.

James's picture

Wow this is really cool! I would probably buy an ipad if more of the content looked like this. Too bad the magazines will look great buy flash still won't work. Bummer