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Alexx Henry Shoots A "Living Portrait"

What would you get if you combined the look of well lit photographs with the movement of videos and displayed them in a traditional print ad space? Watch what Alexx Henry and his production team do with the Red One camera. It will blow your mind! Check out his still portfolio as well; his work is definitely leading edge.

View more of Alexx Henry's photography at

Living Magazine Cover & Spread - Outside Magazine from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

Patrick Hall is the cofounder of and a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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stephen's picture

:O thats insane!!!!! i would buy that magazine just for that reason! but wait.... if magazines and newspapers start turning to this new tech... what does that mean for us in the still photography business?

Lee Morris's picture

That's right, you better learn video now :)

Michael's picture

I"m personally excited for this convergence of technology. I've been an editorial shooter for two years. One of my biggest pet peeves is when photos have to get scrapped because there isn't enough space. With the advent of tablets and the iPad, digital publications make it easier to add space for photos (and videos) while still being able to sell adds.

I'll admit, I'm young, and when I say "editorial shooter" its been for my college paper, however I'm lucky to be involved with one of the best, robust, and adaptive college papers in the US - one of the very few that posted an increase in revenues last year. We recently did a survey with other college newspapers asking if they were looking into adding "new media," as we have been calling it, to their coverage. Every one of them said no because they couldn't see a way to make it pay their bills.

Our publisher is pushing this new technology so hard, that next semester our paper, which is completely independent from the university, is paying to hire a professor to work with us and the Communications department to develop a class on convergent technology in journalism.

I'm excited for this coming era in media. I'm brushing up my video editing, and concentrating on making the best product I can. I'm confident that I will be able to succeed in this new market so long as I keep doing my best.

Bob's picture

Which Nikon did you use to make this?