Behind the Scenes: Michael Bublé's New Music Video, 'It's a Beautiful Day'

From sultry ballads to uplifting melodies, Michael Bublé can definitely bust out a few tunes. In his most recent music video 'It's a Beautiful Day', famed music  video director, Marc Klasfeld, talks about the long steadicam shots used in the longer sequences of the video. The video was shot using an ARRI Alexa. I always find it interesting to see how they go about filming music videos especially those with larger production values.

The video also has some cute cameo appearances by the lovely Jamie Pressly and everyone's favorite professional nerd,  Jesse Heiman. Enjoy!


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Tam Nguyen's picture

Michael Bublé does give so much more than he gets, but I haven't met him yet.

Marc Jennings's picture

first time I've seen what he looks like.

Why did they shoot w/ such a fast shutter speed?

Birgit Suitsu's picture

it's not the shutter speed of 1/180, the 180 actually stands for 180 degree shutter.

Yeah I asked someone I know if that's what it was and he explained how the Arris work and display info. I can't even afford to be in the same room as an Alexa ;P

Michael Tapp's picture

He sounds like a robot. Also, I'm surprised they couldn't get rid of the lens flares(during the fireballs) during post.

knoptop's picture

That orange thing on his tie seemed odd, I thought it was a marker for CG effects or something where they'd remove it in post... but nope. All in all.. not the greatest music video.

Rebecca Britt's picture

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, as well.

Vin Weathermon's picture

It practically fluoresces and through the whole video I was transfixed on that stupid thing. What the hell is that thing anyway??

Dmitry Novoselov's picture

Wow, what a terrible aspect ratio...really didnt do the video any improvement...simple 16:9 would have worked. agree with comments above, so much work into a shitty music vid.