The Best Vimeo Videos of 2013 (As Chosen By Vimeo Staff)

Like it or not, online video is a big part of how humans are getting their information. As online video viewership doubles to 1.5 billion in 2016, it’s only a matter of time until more advertisers and content creators jump on the bandwagon. As a video lover, this is both exciting and disheartening. Larger video budgets will undoubtedly lead to some unforgettable content. The downside is that viewers will have to sort through mountains of advertisements and other unwanted content to get to it. With websites like Youtube becoming heavily monetized and quantity-drive, it’s impressive that a site like Vimeo can stay so pure and content focused.

Personally, I found myself spending a lot more time on Vimeo in 2013. It has become a safe haven against the majority of internet trolls and spammers that inhabit sites like Youtube.

One reason that Vimeo has succeeded is that it’s staff love videos as much as the viewers do. They most likely have a mutual dislike for what YouTube has become and realize that there is a niche that they need to fill. The team at Vimeo recently curated a list of their favourite video of 2013. Set aside an hour and get ready to be inspired!

Here are a few of my personal favourites from that list:

Just in case you missed the link to the full list: You can click here

Thank you Vimeo for all you do for fellow online video lovers. We love you.

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David Geffin's picture

Great points, i'm going to enjoy checking these out, thanks for the pointer Dave. Agree wholeheartedly that content curation (or lack thereof) over churning out content creation is becoming a differentiator between the likes of the YouTubes of the world and Vimeo.