Billionaire Music Video Spoof... "I wanna be a cameraman so freakin' bad."

Photographers Irwin Wong and Michel Jones put together this catchy spoof of Bruno Mars' "Billionaire" music video. I defy you to not find yourself bopping along to this one or catch yourself listening more than once.

Irwin Wong: "Do you want to be a cameraman? Do you wish you could quit your day job and become a full time photographer? This music video is for you guys, with much love and respect.

We all love this thing called photography – hope you find this video as fun to watch as we had making it. Co-starring the awesomely talented Mijonju Jones..."

via [PetaPixel]
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Trevor Dayley's picture

That was fantastic!

Elroy Aguiar's picture

thoroughly enjoyable

Erin Hernandez-Reisner's picture

Oh yeah!

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

I kept expecting Kai and Lok (from DRTV) to show up...

Ralph Hightower's picture

That was fun!

Siddhi Madgaonkar's picture

I totally relate to this! awesome!

Michael Kormos's picture

haha, awesome!

The MIJONJU SHOW's guy is fantastic!!!
(Check him out on youtube ... just don't judge the book by the cover. HE'S CRAZY!)

Robert Herrera's picture

His voice is a little hard to listen too.. but the video was pretty awesome.