Bob Poole Films the Most Amazing Moment of His Life

Bob Poole is a DP (Director of Photography for you still shooters) who often works for National Geographic. While filming researcher Jake Wall who is studying the migration of African elephants, Bob and his team came across one of the most amazing things I've ever seen capture on video. You gotta watch this video to believe it but Bob was trapped in a sand storm in Mail for 4 hours while the sun was all but completely blocked by the flying debris. It always amazes me when I see photographers or videographers capture nature at it's best.

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Richard Grebby's picture

Amazing! Great work for sticking it out. WOW

Dan Amezcua's picture

That was amazing. I am so glad he panned sideways as it was coming toward him. It gave us, the viewers, a perspective of the sheer size of the beast.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

That looks like the most ominous, frightening thing anyone could ever see. Amazing shot inside the storm, bravo for sticking it out and showing us what most people will never see.

Albert Manduca's picture

Fantastic! This is the type of event I need to experience for myself! Very cool.

Christopher Johnston's picture

That was crazy. It was hard to believe that is passed for 4 hours! I wonder what kind of damage that would do to your lenses.

Maricha's picture

amazing. I've experienced a dust storm in Namibia (0ostwind) which was dreadful, but this tops it. All glass must've been sandblasted.

Amazing!  work