Check Out These Fantastic Single-Take Live Performance Music Videos

SerialBox Presents is a live music project created by Texas photog and all-around creative, Ryan Booth. Serial Box produces music videos that are shot entirely on a few 5Dmk2s with audio tracked into ProTools. There are no overdubs, no cut-ins, and no pick-ups. What you see and hear is one time through, mistakes and all. Serial Box asks the bands to play alternative arrangements of their songs so that, in effect, this isn't exactly how you will hear the song live at a concert and this isn't exactly how you will hear the song on the record, the project is aiming to create a new point of contact for the artist's fans and their followers. Their site also has a page of BTS videos for each performance video they shoot, which is pretty great! Very cool concept, can't wait to see where it ends up. Enjoy!

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Will Binks's picture

Here is a video i shot, also using a 5d mark 2 and a Zeiss 35mm that is incredible.  The video also is just one take, but no cuts.  One shot.  Using only garage band and a mic and my camera handheld.  We also matched colors or elements in the video!  Please enjoy. Another one coming soon on my new d800 and Zeiss lenses.

Nicholas's picture

Sweet video and good song.

If you like this, I think you must see this:
It's a French initiative since 2003 !!!

ryanbooth's picture

I'm a huge fan of Take Away Shows and anyone shooting any form of one-take videos are hugely indebted to those guys. When I describe the project, I generally say I'm aiming for something with the vibe of a Take Away Show but the polish of an Austin City Limits :)

Sorry to put again, but here is the best link where you can see all the Take Away Show

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Hey guys. I'm a long-time, daily reader…first-time poster.

I wanted to let y'all know, I operate a very similar project in Omaha, Neb., called Love Drunk. All of our sessions are also live, one take, with studio quality audio. We also shoot on 5D's, 7D's, etc.

You can see our sessions here:

One thing that makes our project unique is that we take it on the road. We went on two-week tours of the east coast in both 2011 and 2012, shooting bands in their cities every day. We will probably go west in 2013 and maybe Europe in 2014.

You can see our 2012 tour shoots here:

When we tour, it's 5-6 videographers/audiophiles in a 15-passenger van full of gear. It's a lot of fun and we shoot our sessions for free!

I thought it was great Fstoppers was covering one-take music video projects. There are a lot of us working hard and kicking butt. Just wanted to get my plug in!


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 I'm a photographer from Omaha and wanted to say Love Drunk does great work you should all check it out.

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That was an awesome video. Thanks for posing.

Marlon Correa's picture

YES! this song is amazing, really. I had in my computer for a while and didn't know until I really paid attention. It was a hidden gem for sure. Ofcourse, the video's quality is also amazing.