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A Commercial for a Car Commercial: The CLA Project

Casey Neistat was approached with an unusual proposition from Mercedes Benz. They wanted Casey, a successful Youtube filmmaker to make a car commercial for the new Mercedes Benz CLA, even though Casey has never filmed a car commercial or anything close to resembling one. The following set of the three videos is his rather interesting journey so far. With Casey's charismatic personality it's curious to see how the commercial will turn out. I will update this when the final commercial is released. Enjoy.

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Stephen Cameron's picture

Pretty excited to see the final product, the videos were entertaining and well shot.

Jimmy Thigpen's picture

awesome opportunity for Casey, looking forward to the commercial!

ThiFlyingTomato's picture

Casey Neistat. Wow, in my 2 years I have been following his work, the quality has just been getting better and better, the stories, his opportunities, and his success, they have all been brought to a new level. Casey Neistat is an inspiration, I would say tenfolds more than other cinematographers, and others in the industry. His level of energy and passion is INSANE!

Cheers Casey,

Jason Zeis

agour's picture

I loved them all, especially the last one (attractive girl may or may not have influenced this decision).

Not Happy's picture

This guy sucks hard. Why do companies continue to throw their money at him?

Brandon Bandy's picture

Casey is a huge inspiration to me, I love his artistic style

Yves Chan's picture

LOL!! Love this guy! Saw his first "buy my car" video with Gma and I loved it. Totally made me smile on a monday. Good on you buddy! You seem to have a great team with you and you do amazing work. Looking forward to seeing more!

Roald Jansen's picture

Wow I'm really looking forward to this commercial!

Nathaniel Dodson's picture

This looks pretty cool! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Provid Films's picture

Engaging, personal, fun, creative, and enticing. Nice work Casey!
You're making me want to buy it :)


John_Skinner's picture

I know images.. I don't know video. I DO know when I see something I like... I LIKE THIS.

Hopefully Stoppers will post part 4. I'd be pissed to miss it.

Adam Gully's picture