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The Dark Side Of The Lens

I remember seeing this video a long time ago and really enjoyed it. Maybe we thought it was not educational enough to post it but after watching it again I think it's worth sharing. For those of you who have not already seen this short story, the Dark Side Of The Lens is a poetic journey into mind of surf photographer Mickey Smith. The cinematography is outstanding and the locations are breathtaking. It's this sort of presentation that truly makes me appreciate what we all do as artists.

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Jason's picture

this short also won best video short for 2010. A bunch of clip were also used in the full length surf video 'HIGH5'. As a surf photographer this is incredibly inspiring.

mike's picture

So glad you posted this - it sends shivers down my spine every time I see it. Beautifully shot.

Kon Iatrou's picture

Just another day at the office ... so interesting to see how different artists/photographers see the world and how the world sees them. Very inspirational. Time for more adventure in my work :)

mungkey's picture

This is very good. Thank you for sharing it.

Danny Mendoza's picture

i have fallen in love and just love my camera even more and now yea i have been touched thanks Patrick

Peter's picture

I found this video about a month ago, and it still makes my jaw drop every time I watch it, simply beautiful!