Filmmaker Turns Mother's Final Letters Into A Gorgeous Short Film

It's fair to say that films usually come together much stronger when actors or directors are emotionally invested in the content. Seattle based filmmakers/writers Casey Warren & Danielle Krieger recently released their short film “From 1994” which is very close to Casey's heart. The film's voiceover is based on an actual letter that Casey received from his mother before she passed away from cancer. The finished product is a prime example of how being emotionally invested in your production helps strengthen your project.


Extensive storyboarding was the first step Casey took to get his crew got on the same page:

“I put a lot of time into the detail of the storyboard. So, on the set we could really show them to all the crew and help convey the idea we were trying to get across, whether it was the props, the staging or the sets in general” -Casey Warren

Another huge part of this video’s success is choosing the right tools for production. Casey and his team recognized that their film needed smooth shots and the ability to seamlessly switch from medium shots to closeups. Many production teams have adopted the MoVI, but few have implemented it as well as Mindcastle.



“The MoVI allows for shots that you can start on a medium and push into a close; just as you would in the real world when you, kind of, move in and listen to what someone is saying.” -Casey Warren


Although unnoted in the BTS video, it’s quite obvious that small detail of the video came together perfectly. Casey’s experience with this short film really goes to show how doing something meaningful helps to inspire and push you to create world class content.

The final video:

Check out more of Mindcastle’s work here.

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Timothy Jace's picture

very nice. All in the final results, the cinematography, the explanation in the behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing!

David Geffin's picture

A touching and wonderful story - pure cinema in a small but perfectly formed package. Thanks for posting Dave.

Anonymous's picture

Looks nice specially the color feeling ....and the story is really good made.... but i do not like the camera movement (it is floating from left to right ...from bottom to top, mainly interior shots ) this can be better in the future . But still i`m only a photographer and 3d graphic designer... so do not take it like big critic. Anyway very good job done ...

Inderjit Singh's picture

Beautiful !

Inderjit Singh's picture

Beautiful Camera work and loved the color tones
Thanks for sharing

Lorenzo P's picture

This is just absolutely incredible, so much of the story resonates with me!!!

fotique13's picture

Very cool stuff, I'm finishing my own 3 axis build right now.. but this seems more of a Movi commercial than anything else.

Jeremy Q. Butler's picture

Amazing short.