Go Behind The Scenes With Dubstep Violinist Lindsey Stirling As She Edits Her Own Music Video

Known best for her dazzling performances that have mixed a dubstep beat with violin playing, Lindsey Stirling has gathered quite a following with her fantastic music videos. In her latest video, "Elements", Lindsey shot footage behind the scenes that shows her picking up supplies, working with Director Devin Graham, and then talking about how she event does the editing herself as a self-proclaimed video nerd.

It's really cool to see artists immersing themselves in a different media than what they might be used to, in this case editing her own video. What's more is that she actually did a great job of editing it, not an exactly an easy task when it comes to syncing music with performances, for multiple angles. Below is the final music video for "Elements".

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Mike Kelley's picture

This girl is slightly insane. I like it.

Nikola Milasev's picture

It would be really nice if-at least once in a whole video-the fingering and a position of the left hand would match the audio...boy, would that be great...

Nate Dorsey's picture

I actually know Lindsey, she is a very talented violinist and has a style all her own!

Tony Guillaro's picture

Lucky, shes amazing 

Angel Oviedo's picture

I like Lindsey a lot, her music, her videos, she is such a talented girl.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Sweet!! She is one of my favorite artists 

HoMan Cheung's picture

I love love love lindsey stirling and while her production for this was good and some really ingenius techniques.  
But those ones produced and edited by Devin are sublime and a different league.