How To Plan a YouTube Video From Start To Finish

If you want to create a YouTube video for your photography, and you don't just want a talking-head on the screen for five to ten minutes, then you need to plan it out before you even turn on a camera. These YouTube creators with over 200K subscribers detail how they go about planning each of their videos.

In their latest video, Becki, from Becki and Chris, goes through, step by step, how they approach pre-production of their YouTube videos. Creating a well-made ten-minute video can be a lot harder than it looks. If you just dive right in without a clear goal or a shot list, then the video could end up being a confusing mess.

Non-fictional videos, especially, tend to follow a tried and tested structure e.g. establishing shot, mid-shot, close-up, etc. So, if you're getting started on creating tutorials or vlogs, then it's worth starting with the simple rules first. After you get used to the process, then it might be worth experimenting a bit if that's what you want.

The videos that Becki and Chris produce are always fun to watch and have an effortless flow to them, all the while communicating valuable material in easily digestible segments. For these reasons, it's well worth noting their workflow. I particularly liked Becki's "seven shot sequence" when trying to remember a selection of shots to get if something happens that was unplanned. Things often don't go according to plan, so having a fail-safe approach to these situations is always wise.

Do you feel that their workflow is solid or is there something you think you would do differently?

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