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Mendelsohn Zien Advertising films Kim Kardashian making a salad look good

Here at Fstoppers we have been working hard to bring you a good wide variety of different behind the scenes photoshoots. One of our readers worked with Kim Kardashian for the latest Carl's commercial promoting their grilled chicken salad. There is not a lot of technical behind the scenes discussion in this video but if I was shooting Kim Kardashian I probably wouldn't be talking to the camera much either. I got a few words with the producer of the behind the scenes material and here is what Abdel Tornes had to say about filming this:

I was the producer on the Kim K behind the scenes shoot. It was shot on two Sony Ex3's under the direction of Wally Sabria. The main DP was Patrice Cochet. We used available lighting, set lights that were on all the time, and daylight. We had to stay out of the way while we did have good access to Kim and the action. I feel this vid was made in the edit where Wally Sabria and his editor Nolan truly brought it to life.

Check out more of Mendelsohn Zien Advertising at where you can see tons of great commercials.  I clicked on 5 and recognized them instantly...some real classics here.
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Solstice's picture

I remember when this commercial first came out, I always wanted to see the behind the scenes, thank you for posting this!

Zoran Kurdija's picture

why are all videos private?