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The Most Advanced High Speed Robot Used For Video Ever

Just when I thought I had seen it all I was sent this incredible video by one of our readers. The Marmalade, a special effects studio in Germany, has created an incredible high speed robot used to film precise moments during ultra high frame rate takes. The results look so perfect that I thought I was watching CGI at first. Even if you aren't into robots you will want to watch this video for the most stunning macro videography I've ever seen.

Here's another video with a few more clips:

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Fabiano Silva's picture

Almost bullet time with one camera!! 

Jason Lee's picture

What a fun place to work ! 

Mr Blah's picture

As an engineering student and amateur phtographer... this robot pushes ALL my buttons.... all of them.... mmmmMMMmmmm yeah.

sinisterbrain's picture

I've seen a lot of posts on F-Stoppers that make me exclaim "Wow! That's cool!"  This was the first one that made me jump about while exclaiming "Holy shit! That's amazing!"

dpcfilms's picture

Beyond COOL!  This separates the men from the boys...  And for some reason I don't see a DIY equivalent anytime soon. ha! 


Mind. Blown.

Darek Szwedo's picture

i am in love....I am only 19 years old and I love advertising photography, recently I have started to work with video but not is advertising way, just because i didn't know how to do it and due to lack of needed equipment, but right now I now what I want to do! I want to create commercials like these!! I just can't believe that all this is up to me, whether I will or not become such an artist!

Jonathan Gonzales's picture


Kyron Gray's picture

that is quite possible the coolest company i have ever seen in my life

OnevFoto's picture

i wonder how much money they have invested in creating a robotic arm with custom software to control it for the work they do. The end result is beyond impressive. 

louisleblanc's picture

Actually, it looks very much like robotic arms used in factories. They probably just adapted such a product for their needs.

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Adam's picture

This is just the coolest thing I've ever seen...

MiroslavShubernetskiy's picture

This is AMAZING!!! Thanx Fstoppers for constantly finding these jewels!

That must be the funnest place ever to work everyday, nothing ever the same and doing never before seen work. I would die to work at this place. 

Piotr Bizior's picture

holy mother of god!

tavojimenez's picture

this make me feel that I know nothing! AMAZING!!

Jason Zeis's picture

Wow! Amazing, almost looks like CG in some shots!
This is fucking epic.

John Rogers's picture

As some others have said, I can't imagine a cooler place to work... Just awesome!

 Brilliant! Just brilliant!!

Really awesome, but the music... what's that song? Shazam doesn't know, and there aren't credits!

Rebecca Britt's picture

Music is by  a sound design company in Germany. 

holy german perfectionist techno tools.