This Music Video Was Shot On 16 Rolls Of 35mm Film

In a day and age where DSLR HD video is all the rage with indie film makers, Scotty Liberatore decided to take a different route. Using only a Lomography LomoKino 35mm Film Camera and a few different film stocks Scotty made a very interesting and unique video for rapper Diatribe.

From Scotty's blog:

It feels like forever, but it was only three months ago I posted a beat entitled “Light Now” up on this site. Instantly after hearing it, my boy Diatribe was inspired to write a track to it. He was going through a rough time in his life and as he always has, expressed it perfectly through his lyrics. After hearing the final product, I was inspired to take it a step further and shoot a video for it (I’m a sucker for abstract shit). But it was just a few weeks ago that we finally got a chance to connect back in our hometown Somerville, MA to do the damn thing. We were strapped for time so badly that I actually had to shoot him hours before he got married (his wife is a hot babe). All in all everything worked out and the video came out JUST AS PLANNED.

Believe it or not, this video was not easy to make. It was shot with 16 rolls of 35mm film (over 2,000 still frames) on a plastic camera the size of a softball. Not to mention held together by super glue for more than half of the shoot. The lomokino shoots about 30 seconds of “video” per 35mm roll so you can imagine that you’re loading/unloading film the majority of the shoot. I know I talk a lot of shit about this camera, but I knew damn well what I was getting myself into when I decided to shoot a music video in this format. Shooting with the lomokino was for the overall feeling of the song. One of the best parts of shooting analog is each type of film has its own unique personality. For example, in the video I used a 400 speed color negative film with very neutral colors for the verses and for the more intense flashbacks I used redscale film. Also the lomokino gives off a very obvious choppy animation look to it, the reason why it works in this video is because the song is about a constant struggle with oneself and intense memories/flashbacks.


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Benicio Murray's picture

Very cool

Bjoern Lubetzki's picture

Sometimes things shouldn't be done, just 'cause they're possible and no one else does it. There is a reason why no one else does it. There are flickers like hell from different images and rap. I have seen some cool images by itself in there but as I said, the rest are just flickers of images. I couldn't even watch the whole thing, because I gut an headache.

johnbp123's picture

I always admire someone experimenting. A little difficult to watch for too long. Worse part -white boys rapping. 

Kyle Sanders's picture

The band 'Vacationers' did a similar thing, but mixing normal frame rate footage w/ LomoKino footage.

Roberto Mettifogo's picture

nice, different and a good way to sell out all the remaining 35mm film rolls...

Martin Walter's picture

Laughing With!! Finally… had to watch it 2times till I remembered the beat :)

Scottylib's picture

Yup. Good Call. The Vocals are from 3 different Irma Thomas songs.