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Plot Device: A Film By Red Giant

This was done a while ago, but Red Giant, the maker of a number of software tools to help image-makers create more realistic visual effects, created a short to showcase the capabilities of their software. The short, "Plot Device," has a great BTS video to go along with it -- they even share all the products they used. Enjoy the finished product after the break.

Not only does this film really do a great job of showing off the software as a product, but it should be a reminder that we can make great, fun films from very simple ideas...all you need is a plot device...

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Jens Marklund's picture

Is it just me, or does every short today have terrible color grading? Everything is green, and the skin tones are super red in the highlights. Or they tried to pull up some blue in the shadows, way too much, so it ruins it even more. 

I mean, even Phillip Blooms Christmas shootout looked like shit (the btw footage). Feels like everyone is trying out their new software like a 13 year old, and goes crazy with the sliders. "Ooh it looks like film now". No it doesn't. Have you actually seen a big budget Hollywood film? Things are very subtle. 

Shannon Wimberly's picture


Malcolm Debono's picture

Subtle in Hollywood films? LOL

Rorschach Camensky's picture

 Jens, you have to realize that this video is made by Red Giant, a company that provides color grading software which gives filmmakers the ability to give their films "looks" (among other things).
Red Giant's Magic Bullet Looks for example has a lot of presets which will give your films more diffusion, saturation and what not. You can obviously modify these presets and "make them your own" but this video is a superb example of demonstrating what kind of looks comes straight out of the box.
So, yeah, some things might not be completely awesome in every way, but if you find a look/preset you like it's sooo much easier applying that look to your video and then modify it to perfection, instead of doing everything from scratch.

Just sayin'. Btw, I'll see you at the office later.

Jens Marklund's picture

Mr Camensky, those presets looked terrible.

I beat you at table tennis, so you don't get to have an opinion.

Lane Shurtleff's picture

 I totally agree. I don't understand this "washed out, no contrast and color grading" look that all the new movie(I don't want to call them "film makers", think is cool. I understand why they are trying to promote Red Giant's abilities, but it's like looking at lousy Instragram effects.