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Red Bull's Illume Photo Exhibit Is Itself Art Redbull Illume 2010 CharlestonYesterday I got an email from one of the Red Bull brand managers inviting me out to 2010 Illume Photo Exhibit here in Charleston, South Carolina. Illume is a traveling exhibit where dozens of images from the world's best action and extreme sports photographers are displayed on huge 6'x6' backlit panels. I have to say it was one of the most interesting photo displays I have ever seen, and the winning photos are nothing short of spectacular. The next stop on the tour is Miami, Florida but you can check out the images and future tour dates at Red Bull Illume Online. Also, check out this BTS video we posted last year of one of the winning images.

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c.d.embrey's picture

They were at Huntington Beach, CA about 5 years ago. If you ever get the chance to see their display do so. The show is at night and the large back-lit transparencies are stunning.

Gerald Nonato's picture

@c.d.embrey, I remember when it was @ Huntington Beach on the right side of the pier! I remember about 06/07ish and I lived literally right across the street. I hope they bring it back sometime soon! Such amazing photography!

I remember a particular feature of Chris Sharma climbing "Witness the Fitness" in Ozarks, Arkansas. The photographer was able to capture the emotion and raw power that the climber was going through. I almost felt Sharma's pain as he gripped on for dear life trying to finish the hardest part of that climb!

Wayne Leone's picture

I don't believe it!! That video is filmed at Trinity College, Dublin. I live 15 minutes from there and I didn't know about it!! Depressed now and it's not yet Monday...