Sam Newton Shares His Four Tips to Film Maker Success

Sam Newton made a big impact in the YouTube community when he filmed a music video about how he'll be the next Peter McKinnon. He dropped a lot of names, and since all the big YouTubers watched it, he got mentioned by most of them and therefore got a large following on the platform. This is how he started and his advice for the long game in making films. 

If you haven't seen the video that he dropped in 11 months ago, you should. It's a lot of work to write, record, and make a music video for a song. He got his crew together and did just that. You can watch it below.

If you ever thought about making films full time, his main advice is to be consistent. Don't think that the video-making course is going to do it for you. In my opinion, most of us know enough about our gear that we only need some practice in Premiere Pro or Final Cut to get a video together. That, and a story. But I don't think we should make too much of a deal about the story. Start filming yourself talking about something you like talking about, share it. And once you do that, do it again and again. It's different if you want to produce documentaries, but I think being in front of the camera and getting feedback about your approach can give you a lot of insights into what will work when you shoot your interviews and edit together your documentary, so there isn't anything lost if you start shooting with the edit in mind. 

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