Sick Trailer for the New GoPro HD Hero2

So I am going through some of the slow-mo HD camera options that are on the market right now for an adventure I will be taking soon, and I stumbled upon the new GoPro HD Hero2. On their site they have one of the illest trailers I have ever seen for a camera, and I had to watch it several times. This isn't an ad for the camera and I am not saying that this is the one I will buy, but man what else compares? With that said, watch this trailer, it really is rad to see what kind of punch that tiny package can deliver! (that's what she said)

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...And all for around $350? Awesome!

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Take note that those super slow shots like that of the skier above, can't be created natively by the camera.  Additional frames were generated by software such as Twixtor (check the mountains on the left edge of the frame).  So, you'll have to also factor that into the cost.  Still, it is a great camera and definitely an epic trailer!  I must have watched it 20 times!

yeah, software is ALWAYS a factor with video and post of any kind. But its nice to have the option of 30fps all the way up to 120 fps. pretty versatile. there are some comparison videos on youtube of the original hero and the new one and the difference is astounding. especially in low light. they did a really good job on the trailer, it makes me want to order one .... not saying I did though ;)

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Sick!  Hmmm, imagine shooting a wedding with a handful of gopro hero2's?!

I have a GoPro Hero, and love it - I've shot all kinds of events with it - now I'm *really* tempted to spring for the Hero 2 ..... love my GoPro!

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I have a Go Pro and my friend just purchased a GoPro Hero 2 and honestly, maybe I'm blind but I could barely see any differente in the image quality in 1080p. I was about to upgrade but then I decided not to as the difference is really minor. Yes slow motion is probably better but honestly my GoPro is just good enough for me! My friend also did some test when changing from wide angle to narrow and lots of pixel comes out of this setting.

thats what she said LOL

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Love these! For you guys that have experience with the GoPros.. what limitations do you see with them? Fixed lens right? Built in mic decent? --- guess I gotto go to their site and read some specs!

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For times when light is needed and I'm using the GoPro it's usually when I'm underwater with them.  I use two Sola 1200's from Light and Motion.  However I have used them on land with good results.  The mic on them is INCREDIBLE in my opinion considering.  However when used in the housing (and not the skeleton housing) it's very muffled when it comes to speech.  Watch some youtube videos people have made with them for your own opinion.

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I heard that the GoPro2 has a mic input?

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Sad fact is I don't do anything awesome enough to get any use of such a thing.

That was just so incredible. 

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I ordered my 2 the day it was announced and for the size of the package there is nothing else that compares.  I own three vintage Hero cameras and absolutely love them!

I saw some Twixtor morphing at some spots in the video, but either way, it's quite an impressive camera.

sorry but did ANYBODY read the specs?! 120FPS only in WVGA... no thank you

1080p: 1920×1080, 30PFS
960p: 1280×960, 48FPS + 30FPS
720p: 1280×720, 60FPS + 30FPS

WVGA: 848×480, 120FPS + 60FPS

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Was anyone expecting 120fps at 1080p for $300?

who cares ... 60fps at 720 :)

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Video is just sick!!

We are loving our Hero is our first video using it!!!!