Surreal Self Portraits By Kyle Thompson

It's amazing what some people can do with just their camera, self timer and a little imagination. Kyle Thompson is one of those people. He takes by far the most amazing self portraits I have ever seen. From gorgeous to creepy and everything in between, every single shot of his is perfect.

A little about Kyle:
"I started taking self portraits a little over a year ago. I was interested in photography but am terrible at talking with people, so I ended up using myself in nearly all of my photos. I started to spend several hours a day going alone through empty forests taking self portraits with my cameras timer."

"I've been trying to teach myself photoshop, but I really only know the basic tools. If I combine two images together I always take them in the same location, same time, same camera settings etc. About half of the images in here are composites of two images."

"If any photography people are interested, I use a Canon 60d and almost always use a 50mm 1.8"

Check these out. A couple are not self portraits.

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JAM ONE's picture

any idea how he gets to control the scarf like that? I've always wanted to have such control with cloth like that but never really found a good way to do so, thanks!

Adam Cross's picture

If these are "the most amazing self-portraits" that you've ever seen then I guess you must have missed Francesca Woodman's work the the 1970's 

Danielle Deutsch's picture

I certainly enjoyed most of them even if some were quite creepy. I agree with Adam above me. Anyone interested in doing or looking at self-portrait photography should definitely check out Woodman's work. She has amazing work!

Michael Wessel's picture

"Basic photoshop techniques" my bum. These are all fantastic me ideas for my next self-portraits :)

Bert McLendon's picture

These are really great.  It's refreshing to see photographers out there doing what they want and feel rather than a client telling them what THEY want.  Keep it up, great stuff!

Darren Williams's picture

this guy is amazing though...

robsydor's picture


Mark Dub's picture

lol! I was curious about that too :)

Kaspars Volonts's picture

I would love to be capable to doing something like this because I find my style really similar to Kyles. 
There is one problem though. What Bert McL already mentioned was that "doing what they want and feel rather than a client telling them what THEY want". So, because of clients wishes priority I think we loose our precious view. Ofcourse there are always time for your projects, but how much of it can you use, if you are over-swamped with regular do-a-lot-basic-kind shoots

Joseph Teeter's picture

Most images tell stories, several of these are entire books. They are amazing, I spent 5 minutes pondering each one trying to figure it out, thinking about how it was done and what the photographer's mindset was when he took it.Thanks for bringing them to my attention

W van de Kletersteeg's picture

True art. Amazing.

To me some of them are great, very well done... some of them, I just do not get. I'm not saying they are bad, but I've NEVER understood the whole "put something over my head and call it art" thing, it seems dumb to me and played out by people who attended art school. I guess I see it on Flickr and such A LOT with people putting "horse heads" masks on among other things and calling it "art" it bothers me.

Benjamin Mikhaiel's picture

the horse head thing is actually a meme.. :P