Walking on Water: The Newest Extreme Sport

This video was released earlier this year but I really loved watching it so I figured you would too. It's a pretty clever way to advertise a product like waterproof shoes and would have make for an excellent commercial concept for an advertising ad. Click the full post to view a BTS video about this crazy new sport called Liquid Mountaineering.

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Lee Morris's picture

The last post was pulled because we started getting complaints. This video should be penis free

Peter's picture

I am making a commercial for Sonicare waterproof toothbrush covers (The Sonic Seal) and this gives me a nifty idea.

Peter's picture

I'll post a link when I finish.

khappucino's picture

I like how in the BTS video they are surprised when people are like, we can get 5 steps, how do we get 10? it's funny when a jest starts to become real.

jm's picture

needs some more penis in the video like the last one.

J B's picture

Nobody was complaining about the scantily clad women in the other posts. Maybe if the guy was wearing lingerie...

I would like to complain about the camel hoofs at 1:16.

Patrick Hall's picture

I wasn't able to see the video Lee posted so maybe it really was offensive but I thought our readers weren't that sensitive. I really enjoyed this video so I hope comments for the previous pulled post don't overshadow this one

Lee Morris's picture

I once said one of our female readers was "cute" and I was chewed out for that as well.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

How many bumpkins after seeing this... go out and drown........

Shannon Wimberly's picture

@Patrick.... the video that was pulled was actually very good and creative, I did make a comment but meant no offense. I really would like to know more how he made it, would like to make a rig cheaply like that myself. If you guys could edit it and repost it, that would be great. It was funny, but hey, this is new media, we can take it...... and you guys are doing an excellent job with it. I really appreciate everything you post. Everyday I visit and enjoy every flick..... even if something slips in that is a little edgy.... Thanks again!

Eric Fialkowski's picture

The first time I saw this I couldn't figure out their trick. It didn't look like the typical walk on water trick. Now I know why.

c.d.embrey's picture

@ Shannon Wimberly, here's some info, I posted to Fstoppers, for building a slider or dolly. http://fstoppersforum.com/showthread.php?711-Building-a-slider-dolly&amp...

Shannon Wimberly's picture

@C.D.- Thanks!

Gert Arijs (Belgium)'s picture

I saw part of this video in an extreme sports compilation, very funny to see this along with dives and bike-tricks.