StillMotion Shows Us How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony

Now before you decide that you aren't interested in wedding videography let me say that StillMotion's work is unlike anything you have ever seen before. If you are a fan of flim and story telling then you will be blown away by what this team is capable of creating out of totally candid moments. Watch the informative video and their last 2 wedding trailers below.

an intro to shooting a ceremony with EOS // canon cinema caravan from stillmotion on Vimeo.

selena + howard // foodies . sde from stillmotion on Vimeo.

angela + anthony // with pickles, taters, and olives from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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Gene's picture

+1! That's where it is at right there! Makes me want to go video a wedding ASAP!

kathy's picture

absolutely LOVE all of their amazing work!

Scott's picture

Again, StillMotion is fabulous! Thanks for posting this guys.

Angus's picture

Great work (really!), but would you want 3 guys running around, changing lenses and hand signalling each other during your ceremony?

Pat's picture

I heard about Still Motion from a friend in the wedding industry about a year ago, and every time I see their work I'm totally blown away.

Thanks for posting the video!

Stefan's picture

This is great, I agree with Angus. When I shoot with my boss, its just a lot of situational awareness and pre-planning.

Patrick Hall's picture

Well until Canon and Nikon allow for longer recording times, you pretty much have to plan your shots out on the day of so that you always have footage running on some camera. Also, the videos stillmotion create are IMO better than anything I've seen come from a still photographer. So if you are the type of bride that can afford to hire SM then you prob don't care what they do as long as you get the epic final product they are known for. It's less about being a fly on the wall and following traditional rules for wedding photography and more about making a specific business that caters to brides who want the big production. For some couples, having a huge production and an amazing final video IS the most important thing to them. With Wedding photography/videography, you shouldn't get wrapped up in what is standard practice but rather what will make you stand out and yet still get you booked.

Charles's picture

This video would be much more enjoyable to watch without the music. It is very distracting.

george socka's picture

all that effort and expense for $1500 L lenses and then classic jello in the shot of the viola(?) in the selena video. What is the saying about lipstick? And yes, FWIW, I do shoot video with a 5D.

patrick moreau's picture

the running portion was a joke - we aren't actually running during a ceremony.

and hand signals certainly aren't distracting. versus wearing a communication system like eartec and looking/having the presence of secret service, we find the occasional hand signal much less intrusive.

as for changing lenses - how many photographers don't switch lenses during a ceremony and who ever knows when your switching a lens?

respecting the intimacy of every event is very important to keeping authenticity in our films, so we are always thinking of how to best accomplish that.


Donnie Bell Design's picture

Love their work, such a refreshing, creative approach to the wedding video.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Love their work. Such a refreshing, creative approach to the wedding video.

Chris's picture

A really interesting video. Why the annoying music underneath though? Its totally distracting from the information he is giving. No need for it guys. I'd rather hear what you are saying. Don't take this as a negative but it does detract from the great info in the video.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

Do you guys know how much you are loved? I am so impressed and amazed at your work and your willingness to share your knowledge.... Thank You So Much! I am almost in tears with how much I love you all!!!! You are masters!

Shannon Wimberly's picture

ONe question... in your editing, I have noticed a +/- 1.6 second intervals between shots. Is there a formula you use, and when you shoot, are you thinking in that short segment footage for the final product?

patrick moreau's picture

hey shannon

thanks for the love. it isn't a conscious cutting if there is a pattern around that time, it is always about feeling the flow through all of the layers -color, VO, soundtrack, different visual storylines etc. we are very keen on listening to the shot and hearing when it is over so we can cut to the next one - no frame should ever be wasted :)


Christopher Johnston's picture

This is the difference between wedding videographers and cinematographers. You guys are amazing and your work blows me away, This makes me appreciate how much work goes into making those incredibly moving videos.

Sean Mrmix's picture

I would really like to know the settings used :M shutter, app. for the shot on the 70-200. what app & shutter are used?
Regards Sean